The practice offers a fully mobile digital radiography service. The high quality x ray generator and digital plate are both battery powered and fully wireless which allows x rays to be taken even in the most difficult of situations, without the need for a power source and without any leads dragging on the ground and upsetting the patient. This is particularly useful in situations where there is a severe lameness, such as a fracture or acute laminitis and moving the horse would be undesirable.The DR system converts the x ray beam into an unlimited number of electronic images which can be viewed immediately. This allows the vet to discuss the findings there and then on the yard. The battery powered generator is also powerful enough to take images of heads, back and necks as well as all routine images.

Whilst radiography of the horse has some limitations, particularly in areas of the body with significant soft tissue coverage which ‘scatters’ the x rays, such as around the pelvis, it remains the most frequently used diagnostic tool in identifying most orthopaedic injuries. The mobile, digital system can be taken almost anywhere in the car, it allows ‘non-diagnostic’ images to be immediately retaken, there is a wealth of diagnostic ‘measuring’ tools to enable better interpretation and images from previous visits can be compared on site.

Another area in which digital radiography is proving very useful is working with farriers. Images of laminitic feet or ‘balance’ x rays can be taken at the time of the farriers visit, sometimes both before and after trimming allowing the vet and the farrier to work together much more closely, ensuring the best possible outcome for your horse.