Health PlansOwning and looking after a horse, pony or donkey can be an expensive business but the costs can be reduced and spread out by joining our Equine Health Plan to keep your pet in the best possible condition for only £14.99 a month.

The Equine Health Plan is a monthly membership scheme for horse owners which takes care of all the routine procedures which every responsible horse owner should do. Having this package in place offers piece of mind and reassurance that your horse’s care will be planned throughout the year.

The plan includes:

  • An annual visit to your yard
  • An annual health check including examination of the eyes, heart, lungs and limbs with a trot up to check for lameness
  • An annual vaccination against Influenza and Tetanus (if tetanus is required)
  • An annual oral examination and teeth rasp INCLUDING sedation
  • A strategic worming programme to include 3 worm egg counts and a winter dose of Equest Pramox
  • 10% off a microchip
  • 10% off the blood sampling procedure (laboratory fees still apply)

Should I join the scheme if my horse is insured?
Yes, The EHP is designed to help reduce and spread the cost of the routine care that your horse needs and which insurance companies don’t cover. The EHP is not an insurance policy and doesn’t cover for emergencies or treatment outside that listed on the plan including illness, accident, remedial dentistry or any further work that may result from the health check.

Influenza and Tetanus Equine Health Plan – £14.99 per month
Tetanus only Equine Health Plan – £13.99 per month
Prices are paid monthly by Direct Debit and all include VAT

To find out more and sign up to the Equine Health plan call the practice on 01626 819597 or E mail us at