As the situation with Covid-19 continues to escalate we have had to implement a few strategic plans in order to continue to provide all our clients with a high quality of service.

Although routine appointments are unfortunately postponed, we are still attending all emergenices, and this will not change. If possible, we would like to distance ourselves at least 2 metres from the client, and if possible even further, as viruses can spread in aerosol droplets for up to 8 metres. This means, if you are able to do so, please leave the horse in a stable/field shelter with a headcollar on and allow Richard or Meisha to catch the horse and examine it alone, if safe to do so. If your horse is good with injections, we may sedate the horse alone, if appropriate to do so, so that we can assess it closely and thoroughly whilst maintaining a safe distance between owners and ourselves. If your horse is not very good with injections then please let us know and we will discuss a safe strategy for both of us without compromising social distancing.

Whilst we are on a yard for emergencies, we are more than happy to vaccinate a horse if it is due, as long as it does not jeopardise our social distancing measures and preferably would like to have the horse tied up/headcollar on and handle it ourselves, if safe to do so.

Any condition which, if left untreated could pose a welfare issue for the horse justifies a visit. The following list gives some examples but is not exhaustive. If in doubt please call Richard or Meisha.

  • Moderate/ severe sudden onset of lameness
  • Urgent dental issues resulting in inappetence or quidding behaviour
  • Eye problems such as excessive discharge or reluctance to open the eye
  • Colic or extreme unusual behaviour
  • Situations where a horse becomes stuck, for example cast in a stable or in fencing
  • Trauma or large/bleeding wounds.
  • Excessive coughing, nasal discharge or temperature
  • New/fast changing lumps and bumps – for example an acute skin reaction, or sudden appearance of a lump on leg or face

We are always available to offer advice over the phone, so if you are unsure if you have an emergency please feel free to ring and speak to one of our vets.